Bambino Agro Industries Ltd.
Bambino Agro Industries has established a separate nutrition department with the aim of building brand image and highlighting the nutritional facts. Below are some of the key facts of nutrition department:

Fully equipped kitchen with latest cooking range
Consists of a team of two eminent nutritionists and four skilled cooks
Has a seating capacity of 30-35 room which serves the agenda of educating different groups of people on health, focusing balanced diet and special counseling on lifestyle disorders-diabetes
Conducts live cookery demonstration on low fat, zero cholesterol, high fiber and healthy recipes high in calcium and iron out of Bambino’s Pasta and Pasta Products is given to public with zero fee facility
Organizes events such as Taste with Health, Bambino pasta products cookery shows, and also conducts cookery demonstrations on healthy recipe
Participates in food courts of various exhibitions to exhibit pasta recipes, directly interacts with consumers on health benefits of the products and provides general health tips
Gives presentations on consequences of junk food and benefit of wheat based pasta products in parent teacher meeting at different schools